Lakewood Link

    The Lakewood Link project was a complete renovation overhaul of the city of Lakewood’s kid pool. When approached by a beloved long-time client to renovate this Recreation Center’s pool, saying yes was a no-brainer. Using strategic renovation planning that made the most of the existing structure, while integrating brand new play features that refreshed the outdated system, Lakewood Link came to life. Creating an activity tower system with playful pond elements and creatures, Lakewood’s Rec Center found a whimsy addition with the help of ACS.

     See what ACS owner, Robert Morgan, had to say about this renovation project:
“It was a fun job to see the transformation of the pool of a long time customer of ACS. We had worked on the pool for a long time before the remodel and still work with the customer. It is always nice to see the patrons enjoying the pool when we go to the Rec center.”